Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Theory; There is something good in everyone - Shattered

So there goes an other weekend. A couple of days ago I managed to loose both my headphones and my folder which contained pretty important papers along with art and a hell lot of empty printerpapers... Okay, I can cope with loosing art, I still have my skill - if I am allowed to call it skill - but there were pretty important paper in the folder I lost. There is still a few options left where it could be but I have now offically given up on my headphones.

Can't believe I am being that clumpsy - forgetting them on a table when going for a lecture, realizing they are still out there and hope for the "goodness" in people letting them be there until the lecture was finished, coming out to get them and discover that they are gone. Not even putting up a note on the noteboards around the school haven't helped so, I can't think of what I can do next. Yes, I have been to the janitor's office and been asking around where it could possibly be turned in. All I can do is making a mark in my next headphones so I will be able to recognize them if loosing them.

Studies are going good, next what we will do is to analyze games and I am pretty clueless what to analyze and hypothesis to use. Anyway, the search for my folder goes on - still with a little hope.


Anonymous sandra said...

oh I really do hope you find your folder...and headphones...

Wed Sep 07, 10:23:00 pm  

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