Saturday, September 10, 2005

Could you please rephrase that?

Finally weekend. Finally I get to rest... and think. To think about things that disturb me. Like school and stuff. Unfortunately it's almost impossible getting a good and decent job without a college-education in Sweden nowadays, so dropping out of school is just out of the question.

Should I abandon webdesign? Yes that has crossed my mind many times before, and yet does it occasionly. Looking what good designers do on the web nowadays make me just shake my head and when looking back on my own just want to redo it. Just to look over at Mark Boulton and John Oxton and compare it to my last build - CalCon (Created 2004 nov/dec) - I am outdated, even by graphics I'm far behind.

So comparing Mark Boulton's page with Draktorget I'm still far behind if you get to check the CSS of the two and you will see a pretty big difference (Even if you take in consideration that Draktorget is still being rebuilt).

Well, that's the ranting for this night. Bringing some webdesign into the blog. It's gonna be more =)


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