Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter - Eggs, Machines and plans

So, yes. The easter have been and gone. And I, for the record, have had a tremendously good time during the past week. Being with my honey from Saturday the 8th to Sunday the 16th...
We have been partially "babysitting" a 5 year old (acting like a 3 year old at most of the time) and I can now say that never have I been more scared away from getting a child anytime soon as I have been this week. We both had our laughs as we delivered small (and we were the only ones to hear them) insults, fun things one could do with a little kid when they are nasty and small add-on comments to the little kids comments and whinings.

There have also been way too much candyeating, gaming (mostly Majora's Mask), enjoying the good weather that has been and lot's of late nights. My sweetheart celebrated her 16th birthday the 15th and on the 16th, we celebrated that we being together for 8 months (Much celebration here ;-)).

And as for the gifts... I thought I would get my baby a copy of ICO (Which is a marvelous game - both when it comes to graphic and as well to gameplay - artistic is the name) for PS 2 and a pre-order of Kingdom Hearts 2 (And I am to pay half of the game as well) which is said to be released in Japan March 28th (2006) but even if Gamespot is saying it should reach european market as early as 26th of May it looks like it's already in Denmark and in the Netherlands (Hearsay though!) but wont reach Swedish market until August (!) which is more than just a little frustrating.

I was thinking on giving Shadow of the Colossus instead of ICO to my darling but feared that the SotC's gameplay could be seen as a bit too onesided and that the gameplay hours would fall dramaticly due to ICO's puzzles - which also made ICO win towards the Colossus. I just hope my baby wasn't too shattered over the choise and that she is happy with my taste when it comes to games ;-).

As for the future I have already started to plan and make decisions. Am looking out for a laptop - thinking on going with an ASUS or ASPIRON model allthough I am not completly sure just yet - and I am still looking around for options on this one. I also have plans on getting an other powerfull machine - PS 2. As if not my GameCube which i bought recently is enough there are - unfortunately too many good games to PS 2 for me to descline a buy of it. I could however wait for the PS 3 that is supposed to be shipped worldwide around November and fully backwards compatible. The specification of the PS 3 is quite impressing as the CPU and the transfer-rates are as high as they are (Source: Norwegian SuperPlay).

As for the plans I still don't want to announce too much since there ain't so much fully decided but as it looks right now - it looks exciting both for the summer and for the autumn.


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