Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Late winter brings...

Well, winter is followed by spring in which there often occurs the famous springcleaning.
It has come to me a bit early this year (even though there is still not spring and that it is snowing outside my window as I type this) and made me start with the keyboard I have. As I've cleaned it (Alright, I admit - I just had the guts to do half of it) I started to look around for different kind of neat looking keyboards (I'm one of them still stuck with the standard looking gray ones). And ran into a bunch of really nice Mac-keyboards.

Have PC-giants as Compaq, IBM and other developers of add-on's for the computer (Such as keyboard, speakers, mic etc) haven't learned the value of design?

I know Logitech has som really awesome looking stuff but just look at their things for mac (Microsoft and Kensigton keyboards in there as well - you can probably see what is what if I say the Logitech is the one to the right):

As you can probably see, even MS is almost up with a sleak design, why can't they go for the sleak style when doing the same thing for PC-users?


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