Monday, December 05, 2005


How come everytime there is Christmas, the stores and the malls place the Christmas-decorations up high and in the front to show everyone they got the right atmosphere for the oncoming holiday.

Do even half of those who celebrate christmas do that to cherish the memory of litte child of the big power we all call God? I barely think so for today.

So I will stop celebrate christmas, make up my own fucking day that i will call Mytoria and decorate a little plant and sit alone where I take the whole day off, eat a lot of food and watch a recorded comic on the tv and gives gifts to myself. Not to forget dancing around the little plant that will be called Mytoria-Tree.


Anonymous Therra-chan said...

wowie...u dun like christmas very much do ya? oo

hmm...well..I dun really celebrate christmas in remebrence of Jesus or god...I do it cuz it's the only time of year my family come together and spend some time together...

My family and I never spends time together (that means ALL of us together) unless it's christmas, someone's b-day or new I kinda like christmas. It's a time for me to relax with my family and loved ones ^^

Tue Dec 06, 06:04:00 pm  
Blogger Alexander Berglund said...

Well I do enjoy christmas. Or did. Or do. Hmm, can't really decide any longer.

But my reaction comes to what the christmas has become - all about gifts. It's like; "What do you wish for christmas gift?" and if you don't come up with much you pretty much know what you get. I remember a time when there was nothing like christmas, when it was totally magic.

Now it's like.. hmm, meh. Like if one aren't able to get something then one could easily put it as the only one thing one wish for christmas to be sure one will get it . And just watch people on the streets these days... it's all crowded, they pushes other away to be able to get something... and so on. Meh. I long for old times christmas.

Tue Dec 06, 06:43:00 pm  
Anonymous s said...

hmm you sound a bit like George's father in Seinfeld ;P only his celebration was called Festivus

but honestly I don't think it's only about the gifts. it's a certain mood, hmm you can say it's the so-called Christmas Spirit (too commercial? I dunno). it's about bringing families and loved ones together, it's a bout the Christmas tree (oh I love that one :D) and the whole atmosphere it creates

and the decorations and everything in the shops and all around during December really make it a bit more special. isn't it a bit more friendly to walk around through a town full of lights, during this last month of the year, when the nights are so long, and days so short? :)

Wed Dec 07, 08:09:00 pm  

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