Sunday, November 20, 2005

About Love (Part II)

I know I should've done this ages ago, so i do this now, cutting my sleep for doing it. Anyway, It was some really intresting thoughts you brought allthough it seems like I was bad at the explaining part =P.

To start with I would want to explain how I look at things. Love do not have any borders of age. Well, it have and I don't know really how to explain it. It although seems like love with older people is easier than love with younger people, at least when thinking on it from a 20 year old point of view (Still my own thoughts here) although I wouldn't go much far older than with a 25 year old and no younger than 15. This has to do with that during this "age-gap" there is a lot of experience missing and that an older person gotten more experience of life than the younger one. When talking about love above 25 (or something like that) people has gotten their identities and scar and a personality that has been with much which allows larger "age-gaps".

Reading what you have written makes me wonder, since the age of you who has written is around 15-18 (the age overrepresented) and there is the thoughts that a partner shouldn't be older than 2-3 - maybe even four years but that's extreme - than themselves (Is it perhaps me that is really really wierd?). But reading an other comment makes me kind of warm inside:
I think if two people love each other then everyone else should mind their own business. But parents should teach their children that age does play a role in determining a suitable partner.
Oh yes, how often do we get to read this?

Or this even, which is, after all a really good point (which for a second thought, isn't so funny that I agree with the person who said so ;-P):
depeds on how each of them deals with people of the same age as them or younger/older, on how mature they are. but I think a few years difference is ok.
Agreed. How often isn't it so that the level of maturity is unbalanced? Often for the favour of the girls but sometimes the opposite way. But I don't blame anyone. Promise.

Thank you sooo much for leaving comments in the previous blogentry. It means loads for me. Once again; THANK YOU!


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thank you...

and I hope that helped ;)

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