Saturday, October 22, 2005

Speakers dead

These are my current and broken speaker(s).

My speakers are now finally dead - at least the left one. At first I had to live with the little glipse and jacks when it came to volumechangeing (the left speaker), so everytime I changed volume on the speakers the right didn't always play sounds so. I also had to live with the constant spark within the sound whenever someone turned the lamp on/off in the halway, toilet, my younger brothers room and in my room (These speakers are old, been along since 96 or 97 or so).

The left speaker is now dead. Don't know but it only gives sparks when I try to mix with the sound - this after having talked to my brother at Skype (and for some reason Skype is having problems with me as well - as in break the call and blaming the sound device for an unexpected error and closing the call).

I can now choose between this; Using som old speakers - which bass is broken :/ or buy a new pair of speakers. I've been looking into some, but I wonder; What speakers do you use and how well do they perform (Give +/- about them) - If possible, provide an image of them :-)


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