Thursday, September 22, 2005

Folder - Lost?

So, finally reached through to the buscompany asking them for the folder containing really important papers. Well, apart from a lot of sketchpapers anyway. Luckily I've got papers that indicates I'm a student (The one before, the receipt - which all students gets in the begining when paying entry fees and stuff like that and is their proof that they study until getting the right cards and such was in there) so that I don't have to worry about. But Bank-papers.

If somone got it I don't know why that person haven't used it to take money out of the account or anything. I mean - that's easily done with all that information on that papers. And I think I must change account and stuff. Hope that wont cost me too much. :/.

Well, shit tend to happen obviously. Alive and kickin' for how much longer?


Anonymous sandra said...

well...if it's lost, it's lost...not much you can do about it I guess... i know you tried everything you could. and if that is the case with the papers, then you should hurry and change the account and everything, to prevent the person who found your folder to do any harm....
as for the alive and kicking part, yes, I do hope so :hug:s

Thu Sep 22, 01:27:00 pm  

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