Sunday, September 11, 2005

Instant Messengers - Why we love and hate them

Well, can't live with them - Can't live without them. Yesterday, my MSN Messenger decided it didn't want to continue play with me. It freezes 5-20 seconds after login at my account and according to the "activityhandler" in Windows it takes up 7 mb of allocated memory, when logging in it boosts up to 20. And yes, I've performed both a viruscheck and an spyware check but no luck with using them.

Well, with MS trying to take over the market - not wanting to follow the standards - known as Jabber (even if few IM's do today) but want to create their own, not even when people complain about ther gadgets mailfunction they do much until there are strong options to their products - and when there is such, they try to buy the smaller companies up just to stop making people switch, well, the people now can make the switch but is still having Microsoft as licencer at the top.
I know it's how you do business in an effective manner, but there must be ways to break this "monopoly". Well, look at the market today, what options is there (What is displayed is only the most common):
  • Yahoo! Messenger (v 7)
  • MSN Messenger (v 7.5)
  • Trillian (v3.1)
  • ICQ [I seek you] (v 5)
  • AOL Instant Messenger (v 5.9)
  • Miranda (v
  • Google Talk (Beta, Windows only)

What what have Jabber to suggest what clients to use for us Windows-users?

So, having brought up this what remains why do we stick to Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and AOL?

Well, simply because of all our friends is over at the bigger networks and the lack of knowledge of what programs and systems to use. Look at what programs I've listed for jabber, the problem doesn't end there. Since there is no big company behind this - we have to search for our servers ourselves. Luckily, Jabber helps us with that list as well.

Google Talk is built on Jabber/XMPP-technology so now we can get some change, although, using the Google Talk requieres you to have a GMail to use it.

So, I think we went through why we hate them so much - if not;

Th reason we hate them is that they are all built on different plattforms which makes you have to get all the different messengers just to be able to talk to your friends. What we hope for is something standard, where the companies develop their "thing" but still follows the standard format. I.e.:
Company A have this speciall thing that makes you quote things while Company B makes have on other with showing emotes. Both still create their own IM with their own look and feel but both can be used to chat with eachother.

And why do we love them?

They makes us being able to communicate with our best friends half a world away and let them answer in matter of seconds if they want to.


Anonymous sandra said...

;) you are so right about why we love them... although I probably didn't even come close to understanding half of what you said after Jabber ;) but I know you have a point, and they are so different and everyone is used to the few ones you have mentioned...
but they do bring great friends closer to you and that is still worth all the trouble :hug:

Sun Sep 11, 08:33:00 pm  

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