Thursday, October 13, 2005

The importance of right time

The importance of of the right time on the cellphone is high it seems. This very morning I knew I went of with a good marginal so I would get to the bus in time but at the bus stop it ws totally empty, dark and the clock showed that the bus should've been there 5 minutes ago.
Feeling the lack hope crawling back into the stomach I see an other one getting to the place, which makes me feel wierd, an other person that is late to the bus? Or are my cellphone really in time? Waiting I realise the bus is yet to come and my cellphone is totaly off. But, it ain't late, it's early. But the accuracy of still is important. And is getting more important in our stressed society. When can we stop think about time?



Anonymous sandra said...

yes, that is actually a good question you ended with there... and sadly, the answer is too true :(

seems like life is going by like in the fast lane and there's nothing we can do to slow it down...

Thu Oct 13, 10:11:00 pm  

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