Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's not the building

It's the planning that takes time, so far I've spent 10 hours on planning the structure of the new blog, and still have quite a lot to lay out... Hell! It's annoying it have to take such time...

Sometimes I just want to set up my own server, install WordPress, TextPattern, TypePad or Movable Type... But there's a few problems there. First, I'm not the head of the family when it comes to the network - I have most knowledge but get favored down when it comes to desicions... Second - We're working by a oldschool router meaning we have no control over what ports being used...

And the site would pretty quite slow if it's on my home computer, I wonder if I should get a "no name"-hosting contract for solely this matter? There's probably quite a lot cheap places where you get most out of the invested money... Any Ideas?


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