Thursday, January 05, 2006

Gah... Studies

The splash/startup screen for a game I am supposed to MOD.

Gah, I hate studies. I wasn't meant for studies, I really wasn't that's for sure. I rather have specific tutoring in a specific program or something like that. But I want work, work work. Proper work where I can come and go and do something that will eventually end up as a meaningful result. I know now it will only be packed down into .zip files and stuffed away for taking up space on a cd-hidden away somewhere.

And while I have these studies I can't seem to find time to put stuff together to show off at my page on dA.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Phone collection since summer 1995, from the left: Nokia 3210 (1st 1995 - 2004), Sony CMJ-D5 (2004-2005, Used during 2005 when the Siemens broke down), Siemens C62 (2004-2005), SonyEricsson T68i (Broken when I got it, used for a day 2005).

2006 Looks promising. A new year. A new start. I don't think it can be worse than 2005 but it has yet to be proved. Christmas followed in the same way and just to piss me off, my cellphone stopped working (A couple of days before Christmas - okay, a week).

Being without a cellphone is both liberating and frustrating. Liberating that I can no longer be avaible 24/7 (Without everyone asking me why the phone is off), but it's irritiating to not be able to call the person I need to get in touch with in case of any changed plans while being down town. It is also pretty frustrating not to be able to get the number of friends I need to talk with since the numbers of friends and co-workers is on the SIM-card. Sure I could borrow a phone and to check the number up by switching SIM-card for a couple minutes but it is still an issue.

I hope to get a new cellphone soon.