Saturday, December 24, 2005

Together we can make it

To avoid confusion - Microsoft have agreed to use this icon for RSS feeds... This means, the start of 2006 will be together. Seems like Microsoft understands they can't do everything on their own and shut the rest of the world out anymore for their own survival.

To add my to the list

Well, then it's my turn to add an entry to the growing number of entries concerning Christmas and it's specialties. I have to admit I've grew to old for it. Or have I? Or has it evolved into something like this?

Uncle San A piece by ~noistar over at DeviantArt.

Or is it simply because of the age? Well. I'll leave it here for you to ponder.

I actually had thoughts of publishing a quite huge wishlist, this last night before Christmas but as the listing became crap I wont publish it. I know I have told everyone that I had no things I wished for Christmas. I know I lied. But I can tell the list contained more than 24 items. No sorry. I wont be posting the list.

I do however, wish you all happy holiday! And a marvlous new year. I hope the start on your new year will turn out great :-). Take good care of yourself and keep safe.

Monday, December 05, 2005


How come everytime there is Christmas, the stores and the malls place the Christmas-decorations up high and in the front to show everyone they got the right atmosphere for the oncoming holiday.

Do even half of those who celebrate christmas do that to cherish the memory of litte child of the big power we all call God? I barely think so for today.

So I will stop celebrate christmas, make up my own fucking day that i will call Mytoria and decorate a little plant and sit alone where I take the whole day off, eat a lot of food and watch a recorded comic on the tv and gives gifts to myself. Not to forget dancing around the little plant that will be called Mytoria-Tree.