Monday, September 26, 2005

Note to myself:

Do NOT flip with the bicycle when riding home one dark evening in september - not at other occasions either.

I was lucky to get away with a sore right-shoulder and back along with some scratches on my left hand. I was not wearing helmet and there was luckily no traffic there at all.

Mental note 2:
Do not, under any circumstances, focus on something else than riding the bike when doing so.

I flipped a second time a half km from the first stop and was almost about to do that a third time but I manage to save myself from doing so in the last second. Luckily there was still no traffic on the road.

A good advice to everyone out there: Kids, don't try this at home... or out on a desserted road in the middle of nowhere. Not even for the excitement of doing so ;).

Thursday, September 22, 2005

New - Old - toys!

Yesterday I got to know a guy, who hosted me and several other is connecting his ftp back to the net. Well he did it way i the beginning of September, but he closed the FTP because of illegal activity there someone pressed charges against someone that had his account there.
So now in the FTP is online again and I can get all my small gadgets, old sites along with the databases and stuff.
So now I got gadgets home, I hope this is gonna be fun now when I have my stuff at home ;-), just going to have set up the right enviroment first :-D.


Folder - Lost?

So, finally reached through to the buscompany asking them for the folder containing really important papers. Well, apart from a lot of sketchpapers anyway. Luckily I've got papers that indicates I'm a student (The one before, the receipt - which all students gets in the begining when paying entry fees and stuff like that and is their proof that they study until getting the right cards and such was in there) so that I don't have to worry about. But Bank-papers.

If somone got it I don't know why that person haven't used it to take money out of the account or anything. I mean - that's easily done with all that information on that papers. And I think I must change account and stuff. Hope that wont cost me too much. :/.

Well, shit tend to happen obviously. Alive and kickin' for how much longer?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Something that caught my attention today when browsing the web. This is the cover for Elodie's latest album "It's too bad that you're leaving". The cover is made by Kenny Lindström who is a freelance designer under his own company organic level.


Testing the borders; 2005

Sometimes I do wonder - as Joshuaink recently did - if 2005 isn't a year to test me? To check I haven't become weak. To bend and twist and turn to check every inch of my consciousness. I hope I will carry through as well, and make it to the 2006 without any larger scars made of the insanity growing within...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Instant Messengers - Why we love and hate them

Well, can't live with them - Can't live without them. Yesterday, my MSN Messenger decided it didn't want to continue play with me. It freezes 5-20 seconds after login at my account and according to the "activityhandler" in Windows it takes up 7 mb of allocated memory, when logging in it boosts up to 20. And yes, I've performed both a viruscheck and an spyware check but no luck with using them.

Well, with MS trying to take over the market - not wanting to follow the standards - known as Jabber (even if few IM's do today) but want to create their own, not even when people complain about ther gadgets mailfunction they do much until there are strong options to their products - and when there is such, they try to buy the smaller companies up just to stop making people switch, well, the people now can make the switch but is still having Microsoft as licencer at the top.
I know it's how you do business in an effective manner, but there must be ways to break this "monopoly". Well, look at the market today, what options is there (What is displayed is only the most common):
  • Yahoo! Messenger (v 7)
  • MSN Messenger (v 7.5)
  • Trillian (v3.1)
  • ICQ [I seek you] (v 5)
  • AOL Instant Messenger (v 5.9)
  • Miranda (v
  • Google Talk (Beta, Windows only)

What what have Jabber to suggest what clients to use for us Windows-users?

So, having brought up this what remains why do we stick to Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and AOL?

Well, simply because of all our friends is over at the bigger networks and the lack of knowledge of what programs and systems to use. Look at what programs I've listed for jabber, the problem doesn't end there. Since there is no big company behind this - we have to search for our servers ourselves. Luckily, Jabber helps us with that list as well.

Google Talk is built on Jabber/XMPP-technology so now we can get some change, although, using the Google Talk requieres you to have a GMail to use it.

So, I think we went through why we hate them so much - if not;

Th reason we hate them is that they are all built on different plattforms which makes you have to get all the different messengers just to be able to talk to your friends. What we hope for is something standard, where the companies develop their "thing" but still follows the standard format. I.e.:
Company A have this speciall thing that makes you quote things while Company B makes have on other with showing emotes. Both still create their own IM with their own look and feel but both can be used to chat with eachother.

And why do we love them?

They makes us being able to communicate with our best friends half a world away and let them answer in matter of seconds if they want to.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Could you please rephrase that?

Finally weekend. Finally I get to rest... and think. To think about things that disturb me. Like school and stuff. Unfortunately it's almost impossible getting a good and decent job without a college-education in Sweden nowadays, so dropping out of school is just out of the question.

Should I abandon webdesign? Yes that has crossed my mind many times before, and yet does it occasionly. Looking what good designers do on the web nowadays make me just shake my head and when looking back on my own just want to redo it. Just to look over at Mark Boulton and John Oxton and compare it to my last build - CalCon (Created 2004 nov/dec) - I am outdated, even by graphics I'm far behind.

So comparing Mark Boulton's page with Draktorget I'm still far behind if you get to check the CSS of the two and you will see a pretty big difference (Even if you take in consideration that Draktorget is still being rebuilt).

Well, that's the ranting for this night. Bringing some webdesign into the blog. It's gonna be more =)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mini is not enough

So, Apple shows their new ipod off and obviously, mini isn't small enough.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Theory; There is something good in everyone - Shattered

So there goes an other weekend. A couple of days ago I managed to loose both my headphones and my folder which contained pretty important papers along with art and a hell lot of empty printerpapers... Okay, I can cope with loosing art, I still have my skill - if I am allowed to call it skill - but there were pretty important paper in the folder I lost. There is still a few options left where it could be but I have now offically given up on my headphones.

Can't believe I am being that clumpsy - forgetting them on a table when going for a lecture, realizing they are still out there and hope for the "goodness" in people letting them be there until the lecture was finished, coming out to get them and discover that they are gone. Not even putting up a note on the noteboards around the school haven't helped so, I can't think of what I can do next. Yes, I have been to the janitor's office and been asking around where it could possibly be turned in. All I can do is making a mark in my next headphones so I will be able to recognize them if loosing them.

Studies are going good, next what we will do is to analyze games and I am pretty clueless what to analyze and hypothesis to use. Anyway, the search for my folder goes on - still with a little hope.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Art - When something is wrong

Maybe is it what we call an artblock? A lot of emotions in the way, make you focus on everything but what's wrong which makes the feelings disturb the focus?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Catching up!

So, waking up this morning did me good. Sleeping 8 hours, just waking up for short after 5 hours to fall back asleep - anxious sleeper or is it just my body is used to the 5 hour sleeping session?

I've been going nostalgic again. Dreaming of towards end of April, begning of May this spring when I was a member of Deviant Art. Looking back at the artists that has been my friends and their art I realised I missed them all. I cannot turn back. I cannot go through what I just done again. By leaving dA I cut many threads loose. I don't know if I am ready to tie them together just yet.

Don't know if today has been a very good efficient day. I have mostly stayed at the computer and tried to relax. And I've done something with my arm. It's something. I kind of dislocated the arm when I was in the shower, reaching for the tap. I got it back but I still haven't much strength in it. I hope it get better.

For those who doesn't already know, collage started. Computergame development - Graphics at HiS. Have managed to pass the 2nd week there I don't know for how long I will be able to be able to wake up at 4am when starting 8am and 5am when 10-11am... Either I am getting myself an appartment or I am to quit and get me a job instead. Nothing glamorous, just something so I can earn my living.

Speaking of which, CalCon's site starting to come alive again. Hopefully things will run smooth this time instead of having to be stressed out just because having to work the life out of me because they can't decide what to have on the site and what not, they now told more specificly I am the one doing everything with the site instead of having one updating special scheduals without me knowing they are putting it up. So now I will do all that.

Friday, September 02, 2005

First post

Yes, this is supposed to be the first post of me - Alexander berglund at the blogger's site .
Hopefully something good will come out of it. Hmm... Though this is only temporary. Is about to build my own soon but as long this will have to do.

Feel free to bookmark it ^^.

Edit: Well, comment in whatever language you want, and don't be invicible. Questions to be asked, to be answered... All I ask is you to use your name and not a nick I don't reckognize. Interactivity - don't forget that.